Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Man in a tractor in Belize

Belize makes strides in agriculture sector

The government has embarked on a census that seeks to map the entire agriculture sector in the country.
Farmer in Vega de Palma, Cuba

Cuba sweetens land grant program for farmers

Cuba said on Tuesday it was doubling the amount of land it granted would-be farmers and the lengths of their leases in [...]
Storm over the ocean

Dominican Republic hit by an 'easterly wave'

Africa builds them. The Atlantic winds them up. Some of them become hurricanes.
Market in Cuba

Cuba sets a price cap on agricultural products

The measure affects all forms of private commercialization, except for the Agriculture and Livestock Supply and Demand Markets.
Image of Haiti

FAO steps up its partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank

“Obviously the Caribbean is a totally different region, but the CDB is interested in learning from others –  how they can improve [...]
Woman in Cuba

Argentina and Cuba anticipate an increase in trade

Marcos Peña, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, traveled to Cuba accompanied by the Coordinator of Strategic Affairs of the [...]
Small Cuban market

Cuba and Belarus explore possible cooperation in the field of agriculture

The heads of agriculture of both countries discussed the prospects of cooperation at a meeting in Minsk
Cleaning the riverbanks of the Ozama and Isabela Rivers

A comprehensive water management project to be approved in the Dominican Republic

An ambitious project that joins the forces of the World Bank, FAO, and the country's government aim to improve the associated [...]
Fishing in the Dominican Republic

Fishing in the Dominican Republic decreased by 50% over two decades

The surrounding seas suffer from pollution and overexploitation.

Jamaican agriculture minister calls on farmers to produce more irish potatoes

The ultimate goal of the ministry is to terminate all potato imports.
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