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Agricultural innovation in Bolivia favors the development of small and medium rural producers

Bolivian farmers have achieved higher yields and profits by adopting innovative techniques and systems for their crops. This is part of a [...]

An effective initiative for development in the rural highlands of Peru

The ALIADOS Project supports rural Peruvian communities in remote areas of the Andes, revitalizing businesses, facilitating market access, and supporting rural development. [...]

Opening the door to innovation in the Peruvian fishing sector

This project is intended to strengthen the national innovation system for Peru’s aquaculture and fishing sector. Through close collaboration between FAO, the [...]

Ecuador advances towards climate-smart livestock

Livestock accounts for 1.5% of Ecuador's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). However, its condition as a source of greenhouse gases (GHG), compounded by its [...]

Peruvian fisheries sector policies seek to maximize innovation

Innovation is a key element in Peru's fisheries and aquaculture policies. For this reason, a comparative report on promotion policies and strategies [...]

The Government of Bolivia and the World Bank prepare an Additional Financing for Rural alliances

An additional credit to Bolivia of USD 100 million is being prepared for the rural areas. As in the original project, the [...]

Human activity puts certain animal and plant species at risk in Bolivia

In Bolivia, 211 animal species and over 400 plant species are in danger of extinction. The main threat is humans, whose actions [...]
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