Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Red Palm Weevil

A global threat just 4 cm long

The Red Palm Weevil is one of the most recent pests that, favored by the transport of goods, manages to spread far [...]

The DNA of Sustainability

Biotechnology could play a key role in adapting to climate change and ensuring food security without overexploiting natural resources.

Big data: data intelligence at the service of the agriculture of tomorrow

Innovation and Big Data go hand in hand. In this article, the author explores the ways in which Big Data is applied [...]

A note on the Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA)

Alejandro Flores, Senior Fishery and Aquaculture Officer for Latin America and the Caribbean, delves into key aspects of the recent global treaty on illegal fishing. [...]

Drones and Apps. The challenge of technological innovation in Agriculture

The question of efficient investment often points at technology. One glance at history is enough to detect the parallelism between some of [...]

El mecanismo alimentario de la Unión Europe

Nueva Editorial dedicada a los proyectos del Mecanismo Alimentario de la Unión Europea ejecutado por la FAO, en cinco países de América [...]
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