Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Woman in Antigua, Guatemala

How to help women in family farming achieve their full potential?

Nearly 2.6 million women run farms in the region. Technical assistance and rural extension with a gender-based focus are key to their [...]
Support for resilience work in the Dry Corridor in Chiquimula, Guatemala

Boost to climate-smart agriculture in Central America and the Caribbean

The Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) has announced a plan in Central America and the Dominican Republic to support a climate focus in agriculture.  [...]
Image of Haiti after tropical storm Hanna, in 2008.

Mesoamerica and the Caribbean build resilience in the eye of the storm

With fertile soil and a favorable climate, Central America and the Caribbean are in a unique position to supply agricultural products to [...]
Beekeeper in Guatemala

A digital platform has been created for rural youth in Guatemala

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is supporting the Chisparural initiative.
Market in Sololá, Guatemala

World Food Day in Guatemala, an opportunity to unite

FAO Guatemala has decided to make the most of this year's World Food Day by launching a new initiative along with the [...]
Guatemala joins Bolivia, Brazil, Honduras, and Paraguay among the LAC countries with specific school nutrition laws.

New school nutrition law approved in Guatemala

The law includes an increase in the amount allocated to each student, with locally adapted, healthy menus, food purchased from family farmers and [...]
Guatemalan coffee.

A study concludes that climate change threatens Latin America coffee producers

Certain areas of Latin America that currently produce coffee may no longer be apt for this crop by 2050 due to the [...]
Woman collecting seaweed from a river in Guatemala

A large portion of surface water is wasted in Guatemala due to environmental pollution

High levels of pollution, even with heavy metals, render 95% of the water produced in Guatemala unusable.

Central America is prepared to respond to livestock diseases

"It is very important to understand swift, appropriate control measures, thereby decreasing or eliminating the risk of infection,” indicated Diego Recalde, FAO [...]

Central America to use innovative system to monitor agricultural drought

New satellite surveillance system will provide alerts informing of the risk of agricultural drought.
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