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Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Plant nursery in Cuba

Advances in agricultural investments in Santiago de Cuba

The advances in Cuba’s second largest city have been executed in 3 phases.
Storm in Havana, Cuba

Cuba Updates data on the effects of climate change for 2020

Its main threats are the increase in air temperature and sea level, the rise of extreme weather events, and the lack of [...]
Wave in Havana, Cuba

Cuba-Canada Cooperation to Handle Climate Change Praised

'Like Cuba, Canada signed the Paris Agreement for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions"
Sugar Cane crops

Cuba faces lean sugar harvest in wake of hurricane

The island is still dealing with the effects of hurricane Irma.
Banana processing plant in Guayaquil, Ecuador

New FAO handbook aims to improve safety for workers in the banana farming sector

Launched by FAO and Ecuador, the manual includes guidelines on proper handling, storage and use of pesticides.
Planting seeds

In Santa Clara, Cuba, voluntary workdays are speeding up recovery in agriculture

Seriously affected by Hurricane Irma, the province is trying to recover as soon as possible in order to ensure adequate production.
Hurricane Irma seen through the window.

The Cuban sugar harvest has been seriously affected by the passage of Hurricane Irma

In addition to the direct effects of the storm, there has been a delay in repairs to the sugar plants due to [...]
A child stands in what is left of his house in Utuado, Puerto Rico, which was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria Oct. 12, 2017.

“Next time we will be prepared”

Resilience has become the key to facing extreme weather events in Latin America and the Caribbean. Haiti is preparing a project to [...]
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