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Mexican Peppers

EU and Mexico make big push for trade deal

An upgraded deal with Brussels will offer Mexico leverage against Trump as he threatens to tear up NAFTA.
Vegetable crops in Jalisco

“Innovation makes Jalisco's countryside more sustainable”

Jacobo Cabrera, President of the Agricultural Council of Jalisco, highlights the use of technology in the diversification of crops.
Bud sprouting from the soil

Soil, a diverse ecosystem: moving towards cleaner, more productive and sustainable agriculture

Researchers and UNAM graduate students look for microbiomes in the rhizosphere to promote this ecosystem.
Image of Easter Island, Chile

The Pacific Islands, an inspiring example of conservation and sustainability

Many Pacific Island nations run along the coast of the North and South American continents.
Image of various figures inaugurating the fair in 2016.

México Alimentaria Food Show, a development opportunity for rural areas

Last year over 500 Michoacanos participated in the event known as the “biggest party of the agri-food sector.”
Tzotzil women in Zinacantán, Mexico

Mexican Senate puts forth a law to propose indigenous citizens for legislative positions

A quota system would be established to allow these communities access to the Senate.
Tarahumara couple in Mexico

Women's leadership in Mexico is vital for fighting inequality

A work agenda is being developed in order to raise awareness about the current situation of rural, peasant and indigenous women.
Sign indicating the border between Mexico and the United States

Mexico doesn't want to take a step backwards with the Free Trade Agreement

The fourth round of negotiations comes to a close without a specific agreement, and the relationship between Mexico and the United States [...]
A woman preparing roasted corn in Mexico

Preserving 65 native varieties of corn in Mexico – key to the sustainability of indigenous areas

Chapingo Autonomous University proposes creating a National Seed System as a sustainable development alternative for indigenous areas.
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