Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Nicaraguan coffee

National Coffee Sustainability Platform Launches in Nicaragua

The platform has been initially joined by some 35 organizations related to the sector, including growers, cooperatives, exporters, academic institutions, service providers and [...]
Harvesting rice in Malacatoya, Nicaragua

Kopia-Nicaragua Center forecasts a 30% increase in productivity in rice production

The new center implemented two projects to improve rice and tomato crops; two additional projects will be initiated next year focusing on soy [...]
Building a pipeline to deal with the drought in El Carmen, Nicaragua

A comprehensive action plan for the Dry Corridor in Nicaragua

The World Bank is backing a comprehensive project that focuses on resilience, reinforcing and revitalizing the various paths for the development of [...]
Drone used for agriculture

Technology for sustainable agricultural development in Nicaragua

Verónica Guerrero, FAO Representative in Nicaragua, highlights the importance of information technology in sustainable productive systems and how Nicaragua is taking solid [...]
Support for resilience work in the Dry Corridor in Chiquimula, Guatemala

Boost to climate-smart agriculture in Central America and the Caribbean

The Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) has announced a plan in Central America and the Dominican Republic to support a climate focus in agriculture.  [...]
Family grinding corn to prepare tortillas in Ocotal, Nicaragua.

New campaign in Nicaragua to promote women's land ownership

The goal is to compensate for deficiencies in Law 717, which, despite favoring ownership equality, lacks the necessary resources. 
Image of Haiti after tropical storm Hanna, in 2008.

Mesoamerica and the Caribbean build resilience in the eye of the storm

With fertile soil and a favorable climate, Central America and the Caribbean are in a unique position to supply agricultural products to [...]

Sustainable agriculture in Nicaragua and Honduras produces clean energy

The use of waste to produce fertilizer and clean energy is gaining momentum thanks to a biogass program.
Market in Granada, Nicaragua

Food security could increase hunger in Nicaragua

According to Verónica Guerrero, representative of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), it is of the utmost importance to [...]
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