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Grilled meat in Montevideo

The overweight population is a public health problem in Uruguay

“Being overweight or obese represents an imbalance between food consumption and energy expenditure, with a subsequent accumulation of body fat that presents [...]
Show cows.

Expo-Prado agro-industrial show opens in Montevideo

This annual event showcases the best cattle, sheep, horses and hogs in the region as well as the past year's advances in [...]
School cafeteria

85 million school children in Latin America face problems with nutrition

The Parliamentary Front Against Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean hope to bring together over 100 lawmakers from 18 countries in [...]

Overweight and obese in Uruguay: exceeding the regional average

In 2013, Uruguayans ate nearly 150 kilograms of highly processed foods per capita.
Wheat field

Bad weather in the Southern Cone is extremely detrimental to wheat production

Various factors are compromising wheat production, which may end up with much lower results than those anticipated for this season.
Julio Berdegué, Regional FAO Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean

FAO and MERCOSUR agree on a new cooperation strategy to fight hunger and poverty

The Regional FAO Representative formalized an agreement that will provide technical assistance to countries in the common market during the Summit of [...]
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