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Storm in Havana, Cuba

Cuba Updates data on the effects of climate change for 2020

Its main threats are the increase in air temperature and sea level, the rise of extreme weather events, and the lack of [...]
Wave in Havana, Cuba

Cuba-Canada Cooperation to Handle Climate Change Praised

'Like Cuba, Canada signed the Paris Agreement for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions"

La Niña has reached Ecuador

It is estimated that this climatic event will remain the first five months of this year.
Floods in La Victoria, Colombia, 2010

Colombia and Germany to create climate study center

The focus is put in the prevention and adaptation of climate-related disasters in the country.
Farmer in Uruguay

More Uruguayan farmers better prepared for climate change

The World Bank is providing financing to help 3,900 Uruguayan farmers be better prepared to face climate change.
Building a pipeline to deal with the drought in El Carmen, Nicaragua

A comprehensive action plan for the Dry Corridor in Nicaragua

The World Bank is backing a comprehensive project that focuses on resilience, reinforcing and revitalizing the various paths for the development of [...]
UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa

Protecting health in the face of climate change is a priority of the COP23

UN Climate Change and WHO team up to protect health from Climate Change at the COP23 conference.
A girl tends to maintenance work on the solar street lighting in her village of Tinginaput, India.

Accelerated action on energy needed to implement Paris Agreement

Clean energy is a key factor to guarantee the sustainable use of resources.
Conference Welcoming Ceremony

Moving towards action, the key challenge of the global climate summit

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) is currently taking place in Bonn, Germany.
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