Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Indian girl holding a solar panel

Positive prospects for solar-powered irrigation systems

FAO offers guidance on how to make the most of innovation and guard against water waste
Beached whale

Chile: over three thousand cetaceans stranded in the last five years

The causes include cycles famine, human intervention and red tides.
Forests in Niteroi, Brazil

Urban forests help address pollution, climate change, and lack of water supply, says FAO

Forestry projects in Lima and Niteroi were highlighted by FAO on the eve of World Forest Day.
Cofan Indigenous leader Emergildo Criollo smells the water in Ecuador

Agricultural sectors in Ecuador are concerned with water tariffs for sowing seeds

The National Water Secretary of Ecuador (Senagua) established a variable tariff in June.
Portrait of a Koguis shaman at Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

FAO: the world has knowledge and tools to stop deforestation

A future with zero net global deforestation is possible with the right mix of policies, social action and political will, the United [...]
The Tumbes Tyrant is a native bird of the dry forest in the northwest of South America

Ecuador: Deforestation destroys more dry forest than climate change

Study compares dry forest losses due to land use change or global warming
This fisherman uses half a surfboard as a boat

Protecting the marine ecosystem is key to securing development in the Caribbean

The coastal and marine zones in the Caribbean are fundamental to ensure stable and sustainable development. Several organizations are now backing a [...]
Collection of ramón seeds

Better organized communities for more sustainable forests

A World Bank project aims to support communities in forest areas of Mexico to improve their organizational capacities.
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