Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Girl in Mexico

The director of IICA intends for agriculture to break the poverty cycle

"The idea is to promote actions for social and territorial cohesion in an innovative, bold way," says Manuel Otero
Wheat and corn collecting in Mexico

Modernizing for growth: the case of grain storage in Mexico

An investment in improving infrastructure and capacity building, supporting small and medium-sized producers, would offer the boost the sector needs.
Two girls in a rural area of Guatemala

IICA presents a new model of agricultural cooperation

The director of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) is in the Dominican Republic to participate in the meeting of [...]
Young man in Choloma, Honduras, a region that is often affected by heavy rain

Honduras anticipates the end of La Niña and the start of a good climate for agriculture

According to experts, the country will experience neutral weather conditions; the rainy season begins in May and will end between October and [...]
Mother and daughter at the market in Managua, Nicaragua

Aquaculture and agriculture drive economic growth in Nicaragua

This is reflected in the IMAE, Nicaragua's economic activity index that measures the main sectors of economic activity and is used to make investment [...]
The heads of agriculture in the participating countries

Central American Ministers of Agriculture meet in the Dominican Republic

The II Inter-Sectoral Meeting of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) is being held in the Caribbean country.
Mother and daughter at home in Jinotega, Nicaragua

Land administration in Nicaragua: PRODEP expands to new territories in its third phase

After land administration in 7 departments and 15 years of work, the Land Administration Project (or PRODEP according to its acronym in [...]
A plant affected by coffee rust

The advance of coffee rust puts Costa Rica's coffee-producing regions at risk

The recurrence of fungus threatens 14,500 coffee producers. The Ministry is considering declaring a phytosanitary emergency in the affected areas.
Chaya tree

Guatemala promotes “Mayan tree spinach” to fight malnutrition

Research centers promote the consumption of this vegetable to combat malnutrition and health problems.
Rural women in Panama

Panama will be the regional headquarters of the International Fund for Agricultural Development

This agency, operating for Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico, will address the region's priorities in the areas of rural development and [...]