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Livestock fair in Colombia

How 3,000 cattle ranchers fight climate change in Colombia

The logic of the silvopastoral systems - which is the technical name for sustainable farms - is that: the greater the number [...]
Fishing in Peru

Fishing rights only represent 27% of fishing contributions to Peru

The president of the National Fisheries Society (SNP according to its acronym in Spanish), takes an interest in technical reviewing of payments [...]
Anti-narcotics police in Colombia

Colombia may use drones to prevent coca production

Illegal crops have grown since 2012 in Colombia.

75,000 hectares of damaged crops reported in Bolivia

Agricultural Insurance compensation is 1,000 bolivianos per crop for total losses or over 60% of damaged crops.
Cow mouth

Brazil to reinforce surveillance of the Venezuela border for foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks

The last record of the disease was on April 14, 2006 in Japora, a municipality located on the border between Paraguay and [...]
Amazon river village sunset at Puerto Nariño, near Leticia, Colombia

Colombia will limit agriculture in the Amazon to combat deforestation

The president announced that an agricultural border will be marked to limit how far land can be cultivated in order to protect [...]
Vladimir Putin and Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela and Russia reinforce agricultural alliances

The two countries are determined to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the areas of military, health, metalworking, mining, oil, transportation and food.
Cowboy & Bull in Santander Colombia

Productive projects have benefited nearly 50,000 victims of the Colombian conflict

Emphasis has been placed on supporting rural families who had suffered past conflicts.
Fisherman in Colombia

Norway cooperates to boost the Colombian aquaculture and fisheries sector

The two countries signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the aquaculture and fisheries sector.
Mosquito Anopheles

Peru uses rice cultivation technique to avoid malaria and save water

This technique allows the crops to be kept dry for some time in order to avoid the reproduction of the disease's transmitting vector. [...]