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Fisherman with a wave detector

Healthy seas: Argentina's experience in protecting the Franciscana dolphin

Bycatch of the Franciscana dolphin, Pontoporia blainvillei, from using gillnets in artisanal fishing has become the main threat to the conservation of this species [...]
Soy crops

Argentina cuts soybean crop forecast due to drought

Argentina’s rural entity Sociedad Rural (SRA) has urged the national government to accelerate the reduction in duties on soybean exports to help [...]
Horse in Paraguay

Planting trees for the future, new Green Climate Fund project in Paraguay

Through PROEZA, the Government of Paraguay will offer incentives to medium-sized land owners to adopt certified new generation forest plantations for bioenergy, [...]
Young boy takes a drink of homemade cocoa in Brazil

Chocolate forests: Can cocoa help save the Amazon?

These crops could help mitigate the effects of clear-cutting that has ripped some 430,000 square kilometers from the Amazon rain forest since [...]
Mother and son harvest lettuces in Brazil

Brazil subsidized loans for the 2018/19 agriculture program will reach US$ 58bn

The government’s farm program offers subsidized loans to finance agricultural commodities and make investments such as in silos and agricultural machinery.
Quinoa field in Jujuy, Argentina

The Province of Jujuy, Argentina, seeks for added value in the cultivation of quinoa

The Added Value Pilot Plant for Quinoa and Andean Crops was recently inaugurated.
Abalone in Puerto Montt, Chile

Chile seized more than 141 tons of illegal fish during Holy Week

Over two thousand controls were carried out, half of which were conducted in conjunction with the Coast Guard, the Maritime and Health [...]
Soybean field

Uruguayan farmers won't be able to take advantage of the 25% increase in soybeans

Low yields will barely be enough to deliver advances of commercialized grain.
Farmer in Argentina

World Bank's senior agriculture economist highlights the need for agricultural insurance in Argentina

Diego Arias Carballo proposes an alliance with the public sector, emphasizing the importance of covering sectors that still don't have agricultural insurance. [...]
Handful of dead bees

72 million bees die in Cordoba, Argentina

The main cause appears to be poisoning due to crop dusting.