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Francisco Yofre, Officer in Charge of FAO Argentina

“Rural women are more paramount than rural men because they fulfill more roles”

Agronoticias sat down with Francisco Yofre, Officer in Charge of FAO Argentina, to talk about the office’s main lines of work, the [...]
Bees making honey

Buenos Aires working to revitalize beekeeping

This province in Argentina accounts for 55% of the total national honey production. 
Grape harvest near Mendoza, Argentina

Communication and prevention – the foundations of a new project for agro-industrial resilience in Argentina

The World Bank, the Argentinian government and FAO strive to build the capacity of agro-industrial producers to respond to climate and market [...]
Man entering the metro in Buenos Aires, Argentina

World Bank calls for a comprehensive focus in Argentinian cities to fight climate change

Due to its geographic position and productive structure, Argentina is one of the countries most seriously affected by climate change. 
Butcher shop in Argentina

Argentina’s meat exports could increase by 140% by 2025, according to FAO

The increase would be achieved by eliminating favorable external restrictions and conditions.
Floodgates at the source of the Cacique Guaymallén and San Martín Canals.

Work begins on the Cacique Guaymallén System Comprehensive Program in Mendoza, Argentina

Work has begun on the 40 km canal, which supplies 7 departments and reaches 41,000 productive hectares. The SAFA methodology was used [...]
Farmers in Jujuy, Argentina

Argentina to incorporate the most vulnerable population in their natural risk management programs

A new project involving Argentinian producers that are most exposed to adverse climate situations in the risk management process – a key [...]
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