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View of Arctic Circle, showing the impact of climate change on icebergs and glaciers.

Latest UNEP Emission Gap Report urges faster climate action

Governments and non-state actors need to deliver an urgent increase in ambition to ensure the Paris Agreement goals can still be met, according to [...]
Man entering the metro in Buenos Aires, Argentina

World Bank calls for a comprehensive focus in Argentinian cities to fight climate change

Due to its geographic position and productive structure, Argentina is one of the countries most seriously affected by climate change. 
Women cleaning Cavendish bananas for packaging at a plantation in Ecuador

The UN awards Ecuador, Colombia and Honduras for their climate action projects

The 19 awarded climate projects include proposals by Ecuador, Colombia and Honduras, which will receive their awards later this month in Germany. [...]
Stormwater retention system implemented in Niger in 2012

Delegates from all over the world meet to discuss plant genetic resources

Developing drought and disease-resistant crops is vital amidst experts’ concerns about the impact of climate change on food security for the African [...]
Support for resilience work in the Dry Corridor in Chiquimula, Guatemala

Boost to climate-smart agriculture in Central America and the Caribbean

The Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) has announced a plan in Central America and the Dominican Republic to support a climate focus in agriculture.  [...]
Twilight haze over Puebla, Mexico

Are Latin America and the Caribbean fulfilling the Paris Agreement?

Since the Paris Agreement entered into effect, Mexico has been making progress in the fight against global warming, while Chile is making [...]
A child stands in what is left of his house in Utuado, Puerto Rico, which was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria Oct. 12, 2017.

“Next time we will be prepared”

Resilience has become the key to facing extreme weather events in Latin America and the Caribbean. Haiti is preparing a project to [...]
Image of Haiti after tropical storm Hanna, in 2008.

Mesoamerica and the Caribbean build resilience in the eye of the storm

With fertile soil and a favorable climate, Central America and the Caribbean are in a unique position to supply agricultural products to [...]
children in a green field in Jamaica

Jamaican Farmers Urged to Embrace Climate Smart Technology

The objective is to increase economic opportunities for small-scale farmers while reducing vulnerability to climate change and minimising adverse environmental impacts.
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