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A Muong ethnic woman farmer in Viet Nam.

Information and communications technologies are essential to the empowerment and success of poor rural women

The role of information communications technologies in supporting rural women's economic empowerment, voice and status, were the focus of discussions at the [...]

FAO and OECD call for responsible investment in agriculture

The project objective is to improve the implementation of the Guide and the internationally agreed regulations for responsible production, supply and management [...]
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World Bank Group and GSMA announce partnership to leverage IoT Big Data for development

This pioneer initiative calls on the industry, development institutions and governments to work together to build an enabling environment.
Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

Arctic stronghold of world's seeds reaches one million mark

The Global Seed Vault is intended to preserve the genetic diversity of the planet in case of a great natural disaster or [...]
Portrait of a Koguis shaman at Ciudad Perdida, Colombia

FAO: the world has knowledge and tools to stop deforestation

A future with zero net global deforestation is possible with the right mix of policies, social action and political will, the United [...]
Fresh apple

Davos 2018: technology can help transform our food systems -- just in time

Technology innovations have the potential to revolutionize our food systems in coming years – changing the way food is both produced and [...]