Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Wheat fields

Argentina will export wheat to Mexico for the first time

After a phytosanitary agreement signed between the two governments, the countries will begin to trade 30,000 tons of wheat in December. [...]
Lightning in Santa Fe, Argentina

Flooding in Argentina: in the eye of the agricultural storm

Loss of wheat crops estimated at 150,000 hectares for the 2017-2018 season.
Corn crops in Argentina.

Argentina reduces up to 65% of its greenhouse gases

The production of bioethanol contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Better equipment and humidity during the harvest contribute to process [...]
Brazilian sugar/ethanol factory

Ethanol in Argentina: the silent power

Argentina has 14 ethanol plants, five of which are corn-based and nine use sugar cane, producing a total of 889,945 m3 in [...]

Argentina wastes 16 million tons of food per year

The Ministry of Production invites people to participate in the web seminar "What can Argentina's cities do to reduce food loss and [...]
Swarming locusts

Locust plague returns to Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia

The plague, which has extended from Argentina to Bolivia and Paraguay, has returned to the country through the Northeastern provinces. 

Water harvest: ingenuity for large-scale livestock in Chaco, Argentina

A project in Chaco based on a water collection system achieves increased water efficiency in the region.
Peña Nieto and Mauricio Macri

Argentina to negotiate the expansion of a zero tariff trade agreement with Mexico

The goal of both countries is to sign a new agreement at the end of this year, although in a recent meeting, [...]

Argentina Banana Growers Stage 'Bananazo' Protest

Protesters are demanding the government's support of Argentina's domestic fruit industry instead of relying on foreign imports.
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