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Lightning in Santa Fe, Argentina

Flooding in Argentina: in the eye of the agricultural storm

Loss of wheat crops estimated at 150,000 hectares for the 2017-2018 season.
Woman carrying an umbrella

Experts predict El Niño will not hit Ecuador and Peru in 2018

The Multisectoral Commission anticipates stable conditions for next summer (December 2017-March 2018) for the Central Pacific, followed by conditions of La Niña [...]
Guatemalan coffee.

A study concludes that climate change threatens Latin America coffee producers

Certain areas of Latin America that currently produce coffee may no longer be apt for this crop by 2050 due to the [...]
A father carries his daughter on the shoulders as residents flee rising waters in search of shelter after heavy rains caused by tropical storm 'Noel' flooded their homes in Cité Soleil Haiti.

Resilience in Haiti: winning the race against climate change

A capacity-building project in Haiti is intended to help the country deal with adverse weather events, such as Hurricane Matthew. An increase [...]
Guajiro on a horse with companion dog

Drought affects 43% of Cuban national territory

43% of Cuban national territory suffered from a lack of rain during the first half of this year, according to the Meteorology Institute. [...]
Hurricane Hilary in 1999.

“Hilary” turns into a hurricane and causes intense rains in 19 states in Mexico

“Hilary,” which is now designated a Category 1 hurricane along the coast of Michoacán and Colima, is causing heavy rains throughout most [...]

New program to build resilience to climate change in the Central America Dry Corridor and the Dominican Republic

ICA, BCIE, FAO and the UN Environment Programme form an alliance in order to face climate change.

Chronology of the Dry Corridor: The impetus for resilience in Central America

Central America is looking towards the sky. The Dry Corridor strip, which stretches from Southern Mexico down to Panama and suffers from severe inclement weather [...]
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