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Hurricane Ophelia near the coast of Ireland

A tropical hurricane hits Ireland - has the extreme weather problem now gone global?

The arrival of Hurricane Ophelia to northwestern Europe, which claimed the lives of various victims in Ireland, proves that extreme weather events [...]

Sustainable agriculture in Nicaragua and Honduras produces clean energy

The use of waste to produce fertilizer and clean energy is gaining momentum thanks to a biogass program.
Decorated wagon wheel

Latin America and the Caribbean need good governance of natural resources in order to make progress

The Director of the Division of Natural Resources and Infrastructure of ECLAC pointed out that good governance is fundamental for achieving more [...]
Woman and children in the street, in Ecuador.

Latin America and the Caribbean call for intersectorial dialogue to achieve sustainability

The 2030 Agenda calls for integrating all productive systems and achieving environmental, social and economic sustainability.
Colorado River

U.S. and Mexico update pact on sharing Colorado River water

The water saved by the improvements to this agreement would be shared by users in both nations in addition to environmental restoration [...]

Amazon rainforest to recover 30,000 hectares by 2023

Amazonia Live and the Amazon Sustainable Landscapes Program have joined in the largest restoration effort ever made in Brazilian forests.
Fountain in Mexico City

The World Bank supports water security in the Valley of Mexico

The Valley of Mexico's water supply system, known as the Cutzamala system, requires a comprehensive program to face issues of scarcity and [...]
Street in Paraty in Ilha Grande, Brazil.

BIG 2050, the Brazilian initiative that gets society involved in ecosystem conservation

The BIG 2050 initiative has officially been launched in Ilha Grande, Brazil, establishing a self-sustaining mechanism for detecting environmental issues and providing support [...]
Storm in Cartagena, Colombia

Rains forecast in Colombia due to the "indirect" influence of Hurricane Maria

The hurricane is expected to affect the eastern and northern regions of the country, eventually reaching the Caribbean, Andean and Pacific regions. 
Reservoir in Monte Bonito, Dominican Republic.

Conserving water in the Dominican Republic – looking towards the future

A new project, which is currently in the preliminary preparatory phase, is intended to contribute to the conservation of the country's water [...]
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