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Young woman in Bolivia

Bolivia's indigenous women cope with climate change

Government agencies and NGOs collaborate to empower Bolivian women to take on a greater role in their communities.
Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela estimates the activation of 3,000 food centers this year

The reactivation of these centers, in addition to providing food for the most vulnerable population, is intended to develop a productive linkage [...]
Rural Football, Antioquia Colombia

The connectivity gap widens between rural and urban Colombia

Internet access in rural areas is one of the factors affecting the citizens’ quality of life.
Peruvian Ceviche

Peru improves its food security ranking

Rising in the ranks of the Global Food Security Index 2017, prepared by The Economist.
Flooded street in Honda, Colombia, 2008

Colombia citizens file first ever climate change litigation in Latin America

They are asking their government to fulfill its own commitments against global warming.
2012 rains in Bolivia

Bolivia declares state of emergency amid intense rainfall

More than 8,000 families have been affected by heavy rains. The weather forecast shows rain will continue to affect much of Bolivia [...]
The Tumbes Tyrant is a native bird of the dry forest in the northwest of South America

Ecuador: Deforestation destroys more dry forest than climate change

Study compares dry forest losses due to land use change or global warming

La Niña has reached Ecuador

It is estimated that this climatic event will remain the first five months of this year.
Floods in La Victoria, Colombia, 2010

Colombia and Germany to create climate study center

The focus is put in the prevention and adaptation of climate-related disasters in the country.
Lady selling eggs in Colombia

World Bank Projects Colombian GDP to Grow by 2.9% in 2018

Looking further ahead, the World Bank has predicted Colombian GDP to increase by 3.4% in both 2019 and 2020.