Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Wheat field

Bad weather in the Southern Cone is extremely detrimental to wheat production

Various factors are compromising wheat production, which may end up with much lower results than those anticipated for this season.
Red apple

Argentina allows the use of radioactive techniques in a greater variety of food products

The National Food Code will permit the irradiation of food for meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals, and flour in order to extend their useful life. [...]
Within the framework of the 2017 Rural Expo, various institutions organized the meeting “Women, rural leaders. Challenges, achievements and capacities in the rural environment,” to provide greater visibility to the leadership and active participation of women in agriculture and rural development.

Argentina takes a step forward towards achieving rights for women in rural areas

An event lays the foundations for greater gender equality in rural Argentina. Key organizations sign a joint statement to promote the role [...]
Corn crop.

South America projected to overtake US in GMO soy production, accelerate corn output by 2026

The largest area of expansion of transgenics in the world is the southern cone of South America, with Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and [...]
A lemon, cut in half.

Argentinian lemon producers: the agreement with Mexico opens up an interesting market

The agreement made by the Argentinian government allows exports of the citrus fruit at a very attractive price and volume for the [...]
Julio Berdegué, Regional FAO Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean

FAO and MERCOSUR agree on a new cooperation strategy to fight hunger and poverty

The Regional FAO Representative formalized an agreement that will provide technical assistance to countries in the common market during the Summit of [...]

Promoting productive alliances for rural development in Argentina

A project in Argentina offers support to small producer associations in remote areas in order to further social inclusion. With various initiatives [...]

Argentina offers Colombia assistance in the fight against foot-and-mouth disease

The Argentinian Government expressed interest in helping Colombia handle recent outbreaks of the disease.

Argentina offers technology for the fight against hunger

The challenge of feeding over 7 billion people in the world has led to searching for solutions that optimize resources. Technologies that [...]

Israeli companies are betting on growth in the Argentinian agricultural sector

Israeli entrepreneurs and company representatives presented their technologies and projects in Argentina, in agreement that the business environment has improved.
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