Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Hurricane Hilary in 1999.

“Hilary” turns into a hurricane and causes intense rains in 19 states in Mexico

“Hilary,” which is now designated a Category 1 hurricane along the coast of Michoacán and Colima, is causing heavy rains throughout most [...]
Harvest in México.

Crop diversification: the path to profitability for the Mexican countryside

The possibility of new crops could mean greater investments and more jobs in the most vulnerable areas of the country.
A lemon, cut in half.

Argentinian lemon producers: the agreement with Mexico opens up an interesting market

The agreement made by the Argentinian government allows exports of the citrus fruit at a very attractive price and volume for the [...]

Mexico is confirmed as the tenth largest food producer in the world

The agricultural sector is the country's third highest exporter, following behind the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Countries in the Pacific Alliance exchange information about scientific marine research

The goal is to lay the foundations for the implementation of an information exchange network to reinforce and promote research in this [...]

Mexican beekeepers: no support and no honey

The Beekeeping Product System of the Lagunera Region continues to request support and a solution for the lack of resources in order [...]

Chronology of the Dry Corridor: The impetus for resilience in Central America

Central America is looking towards the sky. The Dry Corridor strip, which stretches from Southern Mexico down to Panama and suffers from severe inclement weather [...]
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