Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Woman working with flour in Brazil

Brazil and Bolivia debate about production and sales along the border

The workshop will be held next week with the goal of contributing to strengthening family farming and trade between the two countries.  [...]
Avian Influenza Surveillance Area

Bird flu alert in Dominican poultry farms could cause a decrease in sales

Chicken vendors and producers are concerned about sales after the flu alert.
Artisan coconut oil producer in Samaná, Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is the world leader in exports of sweet coconut cream

Nevertheless, the country imports approximately 20 million coconuts per year from countries such as Guyana, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.
Market in Puebla, Mexico

Commodity prices likely to rise further in 2018: World Bank

Prices for agricultural commodities, including food commodities and raw materials, are anticipated to recede modestly in 2017 and edge up next year. [...]
Butcher shop in Argentina

Argentina’s meat exports could increase by 140% by 2025, according to FAO

The increase would be achieved by eliminating favorable external restrictions and conditions.
Quinoa crops in Caritamaya

How do small producers face the global boom of quinoa?

In recent years, the world has been taken with this superfood from the Andes and exports from Peru and Bolivia have increased. [...]
Poultry farm

Poultry plants approved to sell products in CARICOM

The poultry product trade is anticipated to receive a boost through plants from 9 countries in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).
Sign indicating the border between Mexico and the United States

Mexico doesn't want to take a step backwards with the Free Trade Agreement

The fourth round of negotiations comes to a close without a specific agreement, and the relationship between Mexico and the United States [...]
Soybean harvest in March 2017, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

The rain forecast in Brazil causes a 2% drop in the price of soybeans on the stock market

Current prices reflect the impact of climate on soybean crops. The price is falling even before the rain has fallen in Brazil. [...]
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