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Sugar cane plantation in Brazil

Amid surging conflict, Brazil launches digital tool to monitor changes in land use

The tool combines satellite and field data to visualize all 8.5 million square kilometers of Brazil, which occupies about half of South [...]
Spraying crops with herbicide

Argentina moves to ban glyphosate and allows other herbicides

The glyphosate controversy caused concern in Argentina, number one exporter of soybean meal and soybean oil and fears exports to the EU [...]
Soybean plantation in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Brazil expects to harvest 111 million tons of soybeans in 2017/18 season

Agroconsult estimates a 3% rise in soybean planted area, to a record 35 million hectares, as more farmers opted to plant the [...]
Farmer in Uruguay

More Uruguayan farmers better prepared for climate change

The World Bank is providing financing to help 3,900 Uruguayan farmers be better prepared to face climate change.
Farmer in Paraguay

Paraguay promotes a dialogue to identify indicators for agro-environmental policies

The indicators will contribute to reinforcing decision-making in regard to public agro-environmental policy and management. 
Francisco Yofre, Officer in Charge of FAO Argentina

“Rural women are more paramount than rural men because they fulfill more roles”

Agronoticias sat down with Francisco Yofre, Officer in Charge of FAO Argentina, to talk about the office’s main lines of work, the [...]
Boy tending field of potatoes with his family in northeastern Brazil.

World Bank project to reduce agro-climatic vulnerability of rural farmers in the State of Paraíba

Exposure to weather events has a greater impact on the livelihoods of smallholders and family farmers in the drier and more fragile semi-arid [...]

Brazil puts pressure on EU restrictions on chicken exports

The Minister of Agriculture ensures that the number of shipments with reported problems has seriously damaged the image of the country's products [...]
Bees making honey

Buenos Aires working to revitalize beekeeping

This province in Argentina accounts for 55% of the total national honey production. 
Sugarcane crops

Expanding Brazilian sugarcane crops could reduce global CO2 emissions

Vastly expanding sugarcane production in Brazil for conversion to ethanol could reduce current global carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 5.6 [...]