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Argentina wastes 16 million tons of food per year

Néstor Roulet, the Secretary of Value Added in Argentina, stated that they aim to reduce the amount of losses, and that the [...]
Red Palm Weevil

A global threat just 4 cm long

The Red Palm Weevil is one of the most recent pests that, favored by the transport of goods, manages to spread far [...]
Irrigation canal

A comprehensive assessment method for irrigation projects in Argentina

A renewal plan for irrigation in the province of Mendoza is the first in the continent to use the SAFA methodology – a [...]

New irrigation investments in Argentina focus on public-private partnership schemes

The government of Argentina has given the green light to a new plan of investments in irrigation. With the support of FAO [...]

Strengthening the link between community well-being and forest management in Argentina

The development objective of the "Native Forest and Community" Project in the North Grande Argentino region is to improve forest management and [...]
Fruit Fly, Mediterranean Fruit Fly, Argentina

Argentina free of fruit flies, according to ISCAMEN

The Institute of Agricultural Health and Quality of Mendoza (ISCAMEN) has been working for years to erradicate the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the [...]
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