Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean



Rethinking agroforestry systems to build resilience in Cuba

The FAO is supporting the implementation of a new project for the capacity building of rural communities in Cuba through the restoration [...]

Ilha Grande, Brazil: Preserving biodiversity to facilitate sustainable development

The new regional development project for Ilha Grande Bay, which focuses on the conservation of the area’s rich biodiversity, incorporates an innovative detection [...]

The DNA of Sustainability

Biotechnology could play a key role in adapting to climate change and ensuring food security without overexploiting natural resources.

Strengthening the link between community well-being and forest management in Argentina

The development objective of the "Native Forest and Community" Project in the North Grande Argentino region is to improve forest management and [...]

Balancing agriculture and forestry resources in Latin America and the Caribbean: the cases of Chile and Costa Rica

The 2016 SOFO report describes Latin America as a quasi paradigmatic region: 70% of deforestation in the last 10 years is directly [...]

Climate change and its impact in Jamaica

The Mocho Mountains that run through the centre of Jamaica were once covered by lush tropical forests that helped control rainfall. Now, [...]

Human activity puts certain animal and plant species at risk in Bolivia

In Bolivia, 211 animal species and over 400 plant species are in danger of extinction. The main threat is humans, whose actions [...]
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