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Pineapple plant

Starting today, Colombian farmers can export pineapple to Argentina

After four years of efforts to increase exports of fresh Colombian fruits to the Argentine market, an agreement has been signed.
Throwing out food

Mexico wastes 20 million tons of food per year

The Mexican government, through Semarnat, is collaborating with a work group to design guidelines to counteract this problem, with support from the [...]
Puerto de Balboa in Panama

Panama shows interest in cooperation with India through agriculture and innovation partnerships

This interest was stated after a recent visit of Indian Vice President Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu to the Central American country.
French Fries

The World Health Organization wants trans fats gone from the global food supply

“It’s a crisis level, and it’s major front in our fight now,” said WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
WFP biscuits in Haiti

€2 Million Donation to Fund World Food Programme Blockchain Project

"Belgium lauds the efforts of the WFP to come up with innovative solutions to save more lives and help more people in [...]
Worker at wastewater treatment facility

Ibero-American Alliance for effective water management

The 2nd "Forum of the Future in Spanish in Murcia," Spain, addresses future challenges in the water sector in Spain and the [...]
Cleaning the riverbanks of the Ozama and Isabela Rivers

A comprehensive water management project to be approved in the Dominican Republic

An ambitious project that joins the forces of the World Bank, FAO, and the country's government aim to improve the associated [...]
Fisherman with a wave detector

Healthy seas: Argentina's experience in protecting the Franciscana dolphin

Bycatch of the Franciscana dolphin, Pontoporia blainvillei, from using gillnets in artisanal fishing has become the main threat to the conservation of this species [...]

Scientists from Mexico and the United Kingdom to optimize irrigation agriculture

"The results indicate that the proposed measurement technique can be used to detect and predict the movement of liquid through the soil [...]
Girl in Mexico

The director of IICA intends for agriculture to break the poverty cycle

"The idea is to promote actions for social and territorial cohesion in an innovative, bold way," says Manuel Otero