Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Farmer in Mexico

Food production in Mexico has grown 74% since last year

According to the Secretary of Agriculture, the country is currently producing 282 million tons of food, a substantial increase since last year. [...]
Customs sign at the Mexican-U.S. border.

Mexico and Canada dismiss Trump threats to scrap NAFTA trade pact

Mexico and Canada dismissed Donald Trump’s latest threat to scrap NAFTA, describing it as a negotiating tactic aimed at winning the upper [...]
Local residents carrying sugarcane collected on the outskirts of 'Serra da Canastra' National Park in 'Minas Gerais' Province, Brazil.

Brazil produced a record amount of sugar in the second half of July

Sugar production in the second half of July exceeded the previous record back from the second half of August in 2012, according [...]
Fishing canoe

Panama and Costa Rica cooperate in sustainable artisanal fishing

Panama and Costa Rica plan on promoting small-scale fishing in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). [...]
A bunch of avocados grown by a smallholder farmer near Palmira, southwestern Colombia.

Colombia establishes itself as the third largest avocado exporter in the world

Reports from the Ministry of Trade indicate that export sales during this period increased by 34.8% as compared to the same period [...]
A man harvesting coffee in Colombia, in the coffee belt area.

Colombia's coffee harvest to potentially produce 14 million 60-kilo bags

The General Manager of the National Federation of Coffee Growers confirmed that the harvest is expected to meet anticipated forecasts, as this [...]
Farmers in Auchlyne, Guyana

Guyana to export rice to Cuba starting in September

The Cuban rice market has now been made available to Guyana after a series of negotiations over the past months. As a [...]
Pedestrian road - Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic

Tourism generates $600 million in sales for Dominican agriculture

An agreement has been signed to ensure internal consumption of these products for tourism purposes.
Fruit crates

The heated debate prior to food products coming out on the market

Numerous countries are debating more about regulations intended to guarantee adequate conditions for food and avoid unnecessary barriers in their commercialization.
Peña Nieto and Mauricio Macri

Argentina to negotiate the expansion of a zero tariff trade agreement with Mexico

The goal of both countries is to sign a new agreement at the end of this year, although in a recent meeting, [...]
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