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Image of Haiti

FAO steps up its partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank

“Obviously the Caribbean is a totally different region, but the CDB is interested in learning from others –  how they can improve [...]
This fisherman uses half a surfboard as a boat

Protecting the marine ecosystem is key to securing development in the Caribbean

The coastal and marine zones in the Caribbean are fundamental to ensure stable and sustainable development. Several organizations are now backing a [...]
Man breaking coconuts in St. Kitts

Caricom to Create Fund for Agricultural Recovery in the Caribbean

Following unprecedented hurricanes, resilience in agriculture in focus at regional agriculture meeting
Image of Haiti after tropical storm Hanna, in 2008.

Mesoamerica and the Caribbean build resilience in the eye of the storm

With fertile soil and a favorable climate, Central America and the Caribbean are in a unique position to supply agricultural products to [...]
A sign advertising fresh tilapia for sale at Indies Greens.

Advancing Aquaponics – FAO regional training workshop in Antigua

Fresh tilapia is now being sold at Indies Greens, site of the FAO regional training workshop on Advancing Aquaponics for five countries [...]