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Farming in Honduras

Soft loans strengthen the Honduran agricultural sector

The agricultural credit portfolio has grown by 10%
Young man in Choloma, Honduras, a region that is often affected by heavy rain

Honduras anticipates the end of La Niña and the start of a good climate for agriculture

According to experts, the country will experience neutral weather conditions; the rainy season begins in May and will end between October and [...]
The heads of agriculture in the participating countries

Central American Ministers of Agriculture meet in the Dominican Republic

The II Inter-Sectoral Meeting of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) is being held in the Caribbean country.
Fire ablaze

Central America ready to fight fires

Honduras leads the training of the Mesoamerican region for environmental protection.
Haven of La Ceiba - Honduras

Honduras is the primary exporter of vegetables in Central America

“The volume of exports increased and we are the largest exporter in Central America"
Coffee productionnear Cerro Negro, Copán, Honduras

Coffee output in Honduras poised to shake up market

It overtook Ethiopia as the third-largest arabica producer last year behind Brazil and Colombia.
A girl protects herself from the strong heat

Central America Weakens Forest Shield Against Future Droughts

“We work together with farmers because we want them to adapt to climate change, establish improved pastures, and change their mentality"
Map of Central America

Honduras participates in the Inter-American Conference and Meeting on Cadastre and Property Registry in Uruguay

Advances were made in the consolidation of the network through the definition of an activity plan for 2018.
Coffee production near Cerro Negro, Honduras

Low price of a quintal of coffee concerns producers in Honduras

Considering the circumstances, producers run the risk of not being able to adequately fertilize their crops next year.
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