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Image of Haiti

FAO steps up its partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank

“Obviously the Caribbean is a totally different region, but the CDB is interested in learning from others –  how they can improve [...]
Fishermen dock their boats and go out to fish from this River Bay Fishing Village on Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica receives USD 4.8 million aid from World Bank for fishers

“The project will also contribute to the objectives of the 2015 National Fisheries and Agriculture Policy, aimed at improving the sustainability of [...]

The CARICOM Poultry Association works towards a single market

The poultry plants from six CARICOM Member States – Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Jamaica, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago – were cleared to [...]
Minister of Finance and the Public Service of Jamaica, Audley Shaw

Agriculture Minister Calls on Jamaicans to Invest More in Idle Lands

“In Jamaica, we are too blessed with so many acres of idle lands. We have got to put them into production,” the [...]
Beach in Braeton, Saint Catherine, Jamaica

The new cabinet in Jamaica has been asked to collaborate in the country's development

The new ministers have been asked to make a firm commitment with the island's development.
Satellite image of the Caribbean

Eleven Caribbean Ministers of Agriculture go on tour

They seek to improve access to technology and food cooperation for their countries, in a mission led by Manuel Otero from Argentina, [...]
A tourist spot in Jamaica

Jamaican tourism Interests urged to invest in agriculture

“We need the private sector to provide the capital, the working capital, to give our farmers that much-needed push"
Heavy rains

Jamaican government allocates $10m in emergency funding after heavy flooding

$3 million will be allocated to each municipal corporation of the two worst-affected parishes, the other two less-affected parishes will receive $2 [...]
Farmers in Jamaica

Caribbean experts strategize for a reduction in Jamaica’s food losses and waste

A recent report by FAO shows that 20 – 30% of national domestic food production is lost annually, equivalent to $7 billion [...]
Woman in Antigua, Guatemala

How to help women in family farming achieve their full potential?

Nearly 2.6 million women run farms in the region. Technical assistance and rural extension with a gender-based focus are key to their [...]
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