Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean


Storm over the ocean

Dominican Republic hit by an 'easterly wave'

Africa builds them. The Atlantic winds them up. Some of them become hurricanes.
Cleaning the riverbanks of the Ozama and Isabela Rivers

A comprehensive water management project to be approved in the Dominican Republic

An ambitious project that joins the forces of the World Bank, FAO, and the country's government aim to improve the associated [...]
Fishing in the Dominican Republic

Fishing in the Dominican Republic decreased by 50% over two decades

The surrounding seas suffer from pollution and overexploitation.
The heads of agriculture in the participating countries

Central American Ministers of Agriculture meet in the Dominican Republic

The II Inter-Sectoral Meeting of the Central American Agricultural Council (CAC) is being held in the Caribbean country.
Satellite image of the Caribbean

Eleven Caribbean Ministers of Agriculture go on tour

They seek to improve access to technology and food cooperation for their countries, in a mission led by Manuel Otero from Argentina, [...]
Mercado Central in San José, Costa Rica

IICA strengthens cooperation with the Dominican Republic and Haiti

The proposal, if approved, would enable more active participation of Central American and Caribbean countries in South-South cooperation.
Café in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic incorporates nearly 19,000 coffee-related hectares into production

“Coffee is of the utmost environmental importance. It helps protect the soil and conserve water. It reduces runoff and mitigates the effects of [...]
Fruit Stall in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic will export fruits and vegetables to the US without restrictions

The ban on several provinces has been lifted and the companies may start exporting to the US.
Fruit vendor in the Dominican Republic

World Bank encourages Dominican Republic to initiate reforms to activate growth

According to data from the World Bank, the Caribbean country has had one of the strongest growth rates in Latin America and [...]
Avian Influenza Surveillance Area

Bird flu alert in Dominican poultry farms could cause a decrease in sales

Chicken vendors and producers are concerned about sales after the flu alert.
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