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Photo of the leaders of the Mercosur in July of 2017

Agreement on EU/Mercosur trade deal ‘edges closer’

"There is a 50% chance that EU commission will have an agreement on Mercosur by July".
Soybean field

Uruguayan farmers won't be able to take advantage of the 25% increase in soybeans

Low yields will barely be enough to deliver advances of commercialized grain.
A man sitting in the fields

Uruguay extends the agricultural emergency due to drought to 14 departments

The affected producers will be able to access the interest-free credit announced by the Ministry at the end of February.
Jyrki Katainen, European Commission Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness

EU-Mercosur trade talks move to 'endgame'

Commission vice president Katainen said he was 'hopeful' about the trade talks

Agriculture Ministry warns of risk of "blue tongue" outbreak in Uruguay

Uruguayan animal health authorities are on the alert following the outbreak of a blue tongue focus among sheep in south Brazil.
Map of Central America

Honduras participates in the Inter-American Conference and Meeting on Cadastre and Property Registry in Uruguay

Advances were made in the consolidation of the network through the definition of an activity plan for 2018.
Farmer in Uruguay

More Uruguayan farmers better prepared for climate change

The World Bank is providing financing to help 3,900 Uruguayan farmers be better prepared to face climate change.
Airplane fumigating crops

Uruguay conducts a scientific study to understand the effects of agrochemicals

The government is carrying out scientific research to understand the effects of using agrochemicals and adopting policies to regulate their use. 
Horses in La Redota, Paysandú

The new irrigation law in Uruguay receives support and criticism

Although it received majority approval, the law has drawn criticism from various sectors.
Milk on sale in a supermarket in Brazil

The keys to the dairy conflict between Brazil and Uruguay

What is the root of the problem and why has the free trade agreement between the Mercosur countries been called into question? [...]
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