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Argentina allows the use of radioactive techniques in a greater variety of food products

The National Food Code will permit the irradiation of food for meat, fruit, vegetables, cereals, and flour in order to extend their useful life. Supposedly this “does not involve radioactive material, but rather is more like taking an x-ray.”

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A modification in the National Food Code in the next few weeks will permit the use of radioactive techniques in more kinds of food products than are currently permitted in Argentina. From now on, irradiation will be allowed for bovine, porcine and caprine meat; fish and shellfish; fruit; vegetables; cereals and flour, according to sources in the National Drug, Food and Medical Technology Administration (ANMAT according to its acronym in Spanish).

This technique has been incorporated in Argentina's National Food Code (CAA) since 1988 for potatoes, garlic, onions, asparagus, strawberries, spices, dried vegetable condiments, and cultivated mushrooms. Experts from different food-related areas have different perspectives on this technique.  

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