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Colombia's coffee harvest to potentially produce 14 million 60-kilo bags

The General Manager of the National Federation of Coffee Growers confirmed that the harvest is expected to meet anticipated forecasts, as this year's production is higher than last year.

A man harvesting coffee in Colombia, in the coffee belt area.

The General Manager of the National Federation of Coffee Growers (Fedecafé) ensures that during the second half of the year they would conduct a recount of the trees planted in the country and calculate a new estimate of the number of 60-kilo bags that would be produced in Colombia during the 2017 year.

He claims that the harvest will produce more than what was reported in the first six months of the year, estimating a total of 14
million 60-kilo bags.

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Photo Credit: Maria del Pilar Ruiz (CC BY 2.0)

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