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Uruguay conducts a scientific study to understand the effects of agrochemicals

The government is carrying out scientific research to understand the effects of using agrochemicals and adopting policies to regulate their use. 

Airplane fumigating crops

Uruguay has seen an increase in the country's land used for farming from 693,000 hectares in 1990 to one and a half million in twenty years. The government has included issues related to agrochemical health standards in its agenda through various lines of scientific research developed in collaboration with multiple state agents and significant cooperation from specialized German institutes. 

What is the most effective tool for the use of agrochemicals? The fundamental objective of this line of research is to study how these products can be used while decreasing the undesirable derivatives to a minimum, such as pollution received by neighboring residents or water sources. The government is clear that producing food for 50 million people – the authorities repeat that Uruguay has the appropriate capacity – does not go hand in hand with increasing the use of agrochemicals.

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