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Bolivia declares state of emergency amid intense rainfall

More than 8,000 families have been affected by heavy rains. The weather forecast shows rain will continue to affect much of Bolivia for the rest of the week.

2012 rains in Bolivia

The Bolivian government declared a state of emergency on Wednesday due to intense rains having caused flooding, the loss of crops and the death of livestock, as well as damage to homes and infrastructure.

"We have registered 8,224 affected families nationwide. Until yesterday we had 6,300. The rains do not subside, "Defense Minister Javier Zavaleta explained during a press conference. He also pointed out that a collapse in the rivers of the northern region of Beni is to be expected. "The region is under red alert, and we are taking precautions to reduce the impact".

President Evo Morales said that all levels of government were coordinating their actions to address the situation. He said the measure "allows the moving of economic resources for the families affected by floods." The city of Tiquipaya in the central department of Cochabamba awoke to widespread destruction on Wednesday, due to massive landslides caused by torrential downpours.

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Photo Credit: Gustavo Siles Soria (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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