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Swiss company to invest millions in Nicaragua for the cultivation of passion fruit

The pulp of this fruit will be processed in Nicaragua and exported to the United States, Europe and Japan.

The Swiss company Frutco de las Americas SA, the Nicaraguan subsidiary, Chimaco SA, and the Coen business group of Nicaragua, are making an initial investment of US $ 7.3 million to produce and process passion fruit and then export it to the international market.
The estimated total investment for the next two years will be US $20 million. Frutco de las Americas SA group will invest US $11 million to cover the cost of a processing plant (which has an estimated cost of US $4.5 million), finance an organic plantation (US $ 1.5 million), a guava plantation (US $500 thousand), conduct training and have a demonstration plot of passion fruit (US $650 thousand), and purchase land (US $ 2 million). Meanwhile the Coen group will invest US $9 million.​
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Photo Credit: Miroslav Horák (CC BY 2.0)

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