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World Bank's senior agriculture economist highlights the need for agricultural insurance in Argentina

Diego Arias Carballo proposes an alliance with the public sector, emphasizing the importance of covering sectors that still don't have agricultural insurance.

Farmer in Argentina

For Diego Arias Carballo, senior agriculture economist in the Latin American and Caribbean region of the World Bank, the Bank's priority is to "build" an agricultural insurance to cover producers who do not yet have insurance policies. He mentioned that Argentina's competitiveness will improve as its products become more sustainable.

The Director revealed the need for an alliance with the public sector to anticipate regions where farmers face uninsured climate risks. He stressed that the Bank's priority is not to intervene in the existing insurance market, but to innovate in places where policies have still not been established. "We are talking about a market where there are no subsidies, a private market for private companies where the insurer directly reaches the producer - this is an aspect that countries would love to have, and it's therefore important to build on that base in Argentina," added Carballo.

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