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75,000 hectares of damaged crops reported in Bolivia

Agricultural Insurance compensation is 1,000 bolivianos per crop for total losses or over 60% of damaged crops.



So far this year, 75,000 hectares of crops of the 250,000 hectares registered under the Agricultural Insurance have been reported as affected by climate disasters have been. Teams are currently on site to verify the claims reports and determine the benefit payments that is activated for verified total losses or over 60% of damaged crops.

The insurance is aimed at family farming and involves approximately 700,000 families who contribute 50% of the products to ensure food security. In a prior stage to the climatological phenomena, 138,000 families of this total number of families were registered with a total of 250,000 hectares of various crops.

Damage claims have been received since December and verification processes have been initiated, which should establish a smaller number of affected hectares. The insurance covers a damage of Bs 1,000.

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