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Return of rains and better prices would lead to a record wheat harvest in Argentina

Planting wheat could increase by 9%, bringing production to 20 million tons, according to USDA technicians.

Harvest in La Pampa, Argentina

The return of rains and more attractive margins bodes well for wheat planting in Argentina, with USDA technicians in that country forecasting a record grain crop. With the strong stimulus of rainfall, there was a sharp decrease in areas that still have a water deficit in the main producing regions of the country.

The USDA office in Buenos Aires forecasted that the area planted with wheat in Argentina will increase by 500,000 hectares - nearly 9% - to 6.2 million hectares for the 2018/2019 season. If confirmed, it would be the largest area dedicated to the grain in 11 years, although it still depends on the regularization of rainfall in some areas of Córdoba, Buenos Aires and La Pampa.

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