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Starting today, Colombian farmers can export pineapple to Argentina

After four years of efforts to increase exports of fresh Colombian fruits to the Argentine market, an agreement has been signed.

Pineapple plant

Fresh Colombian pineapple is now on the list of agricultural products that can be exported from Colombia to Argentina.

After four years of efforts, Luis Fernando Londoño, Ambassador of Colombia in Argentina, announced that the sanitary entities of both countries (ICA and SENASA, respectively) agreed on phytosanitary requirements permitting Colombian pineapples to enter the Argentine market.

"This is the result of hard work with the Ministries of Agriculture and health organizations in both countries, with the support of the Embassies and PROCOLOMBIA," Londoño stated.

Pineapple has become one of the most attractive Colombian agricultural products in the international market. In 2017, exports of this fruit totaled US $10,560,454, an increase of 8.11% since 2016, according to PROCOLOMBIA.

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