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Ibero-American Alliance for effective water management

The 2nd "Forum of the Future in Spanish in Murcia," Spain, addresses future challenges in the water sector in Spain and the Americas.

Worker at wastewater treatment facility

One of the main conclusions of the recently organized forum dedicated to "Water resources: innovation and challenges" was "the need for Spain and Latin America to reach major water management agreements involving all the relevant actors in order to ensure effective, efficient and sustainable water use for the benefit of the vast majority of citizens."

According to Isabel García Tejerina, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Government of Spain, they are working on a pact that must "ensure the balance between protecting the environment and its availability and mitigating the impacts of change climate." She stressed that Spanish initiatives must adopt coordinated actions on an international scale, as "it is urgent to find a sustainable balance between guaranteeing access to water and conservation of the resource while keeping our eyes on the future" and recalled that "water management has turned into drought flood risk management.

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