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A national plan is launched to triple the total irrigated area in Argentina

The country's irrigated area is currently around two million hectares; the goal is to reach six million by the year 2030.

Irrigation system

The Ministry of Agro-industry in Argentina launched a national irrigation plan for 2018/2030, which is expected to triple the total surface area using these systems for crop production.

Resolution 108/2018 published this Monday in the Nation's Official Gazette announced that the program "is intended to be the basis for the development of various programs and projects addressing different areas related to irrigated agriculture and promote entirely sustainable development throughout the national territory."

Agro-industry reports that Argentina's irrigated area is currently around two million hectares and that "it is possible and necessary to expand the total irrigated area to six million hectares by the year 2030 and increase the efficiency of water used for irrigation, requiring the coordination of public and private efforts."

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