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Argentina and Cuba anticipate an increase in trade

Marcos Peña, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, traveled to Cuba accompanied by the Coordinator of Strategic Affairs of the Presidency with the aim of bringing the two nations' positions closer.

Woman in Cuba

In La Habana, Cuban Chancellor Bruno Rodríguez received Marcos Peña, Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, who made a brief visit to the island in order to consolidate bilateral relations.

Peña stated on Twitter that the reason for his trip to the island is to strengthen his country's connections with the Cuban government after Miguel Diaz-Canel took over the presidency from Raúl Castro on April 19th.

The two parties considered Cuba's intentions to return a loan granted by Hector Cámpora, former Minister of Economy, to the Cubans in the 70s, for the purchase of tractors, cars and agricultural machinery in Argentina, which would today be the equivalent of approximately USD $2 billion.

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