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Crop ecology, cultivation and uses of cactus pear

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The first edition of this book "Agro-ecology, cultivation and uses of cactus pear", was published in 1995. During the last 20 years much knowledge on cactus pear has been generated, and this is refelcted in this extensively revised edition in 2017. This edition contains completely updated information on the state of the art of Opuntia so. in the world. Due to climate change and extreme weather conditions felt around the world, specifically in arid and semi-arid countries that are experiencing prolonged drought situation, the interest on the crop for human consumption as well as animal fodder is increasing. Opuntia can be used to restore degraded land, and can contribute to a more resilient crop livestock system.


Author: Paolo Inglese; Caramen Saenz; Candelario Mondragon; Ali Nefzaoui; Mounir Louhaichi;

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