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Eleven case studies exemplify strategies to scale up climate-smart agriculture

How to ensure climate-smart agriculture research products contribute meaningfully to the challenges of poverty and climate change.

Harvesting in Timor Leste

Many agricultural technologies and practices, including those qualifying as climate-smart, are not achieving their full potential impact because of low levels of adoption by farmers in developing countries. Despite successful pilot projects, uptake of new and innovative agricultural technologies and practices has often been poor, and we have still not been able to resolve problems of food insecurity and rural poverty. 

It is this need to show real impact beyond the plot or site level to impacts for more people over wider areas, and for institutions and policies, that drives the interest in scaling up. The key challenge is to scale up promising pilot initiatives so that they can have a substantial impact on poverty.

Author: Philip Thornton (CCAFS)
This article is incomplete. Click here to read the full text from its original source, CCAFS
Photo Credit: NOAA photo by Rusty Brainard
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