Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean
Man in a tractor in Belize

Belize makes strides in agriculture sector


The government has embarked on a census that seeks to map the entire agriculture sector in the country.

Fishing in Vietnam

Can the Ocean Feed a Growing World?


Healthy fisheries may be the key to feeding ten billion people-if they're managed correctly.

Supermarket cart

G20 agriculture ministers meet in Buenos Aires to address food and farming challenges


With the goal of sustainably meeting the growing demand for food, participants will seek a common path to boost the impact of their current policies.

stand on guard after burning a coca laboratory near Tumaco, Colombia

Agriculture development in Colombia promises a way out of illicit trade


Colombia is cultivating the next ‘Superfood’ and it isn’t just admired for its nutritional qualities. It is promising to be a way out for farmers in the illicit trade.

Farmer in Vega de Palma, Cuba

Cuba sweetens land grant program for farmers


Cuba said on Tuesday it was doubling the amount of land it granted would-be farmers and the lengths of their leases in an effort to increase stagnating agricultural output.

Members of the Criminal Band Mara Salvatrucha

Latin America: The deadly cost of putting food on your table


Research shows that agribusiness — including coffee, palm oil and banana plantations — is the industry most associated with land and environmental violence.

Bahuaja Sonene National Park

Peru park’s biodiversity at risk from illegal mining, drug production


Illegal logging and cocaine production and trafficking have for years blighted Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in the Peruvian Amazon.

Harvesting in Timor Leste

Eleven case studies exemplify strategies to scale up climate-smart agriculture


How to ensure climate-smart agriculture research products contribute meaningfully to the challenges of poverty and climate change.

Fruit processing plant in Chincha, south of Lima.

Trust: A Key Factor For The New Latin American Consumer


Food & drink is the industry with the highest trust rating in Latin America.

Soy beans

Argentina imposes two day embargo on soy meal, soy oil exports


The suspension will be in place until 16 August, the ministry said.

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