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Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean

Scientists from Mexico and the United Kingdom to optimize irrigation agriculture


"The results indicate that the proposed measurement technique can be used to detect and predict the movement of liquid through the soil sample."

Girl in Mexico

The director of IICA intends for agriculture to break the poverty cycle


"The idea is to promote actions for social and territorial cohesion in an innovative, bold way," says Manuel Otero

Fishing in the Dominican Republic

Fishing in the Dominican Republic decreased by 50% over two decades


The surrounding seas suffer from pollution and overexploitation.

Woman in Supermarket

Origin labelling of food a boost for local economies and sustainable development


From Moroccan saffron to Cameroonian pepper, FAO-EBRD study highlights the multiple benefits of geographical indication labelling

Livestock fair in Colombia

How 3,000 cattle ranchers fight climate change in Colombia


The logic of the silvopastoral systems - which is the technical name for sustainable farms - is that: the greater the number of trees, the greater the productivity.

Fishing in Peru

Fishing rights only represent 27% of fishing contributions to Peru


The president of the National Fisheries Society (SNP according to its acronym in Spanish), takes an interest in technical reviewing of payments for the use of natural resources in Peru.


Jamaican agriculture minister calls on farmers to produce more irish potatoes


The ultimate goal of the ministry is to terminate all potato imports.

biotechnology engineer examining unripe corn in a field

Study determines economic impact of agricultural biotechnology in Puerto Rico


The study indicates that the companies associated with these activities employ over 700 students.

Soy crops

Argentina cuts soybean crop forecast due to drought


Argentina’s rural entity Sociedad Rural (SRA) has urged the national government to accelerate the reduction in duties on soybean exports to help producers.

Fishermen dock their boats and go out to fish from this River Bay Fishing Village on Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica receives USD 4.8 million aid from World Bank for fishers


“The project will also contribute to the objectives of the 2015 National Fisheries and Agriculture Policy, aimed at improving the sustainability of Jamaica's fisheries”