Agronoticias: Agriculture News from Latin America and the Caribbean

What is Agronoticias and what is its mission?

The Agronoticias Project is a website founded in 2009 through the collaboration of the World Bank and FAO. Since then, it has continued to grow and consolidate as a point of reference for news about the agricultural sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The website is currently available in English and Spanish.

Based on its original objective of facilitating access to the agricultural information and current events in the region, Agronoticias has adapted to the needs of its users over time. Tools, such as the Twitter channel @agronoticiasfao and two applications for IOs and Android mobile devices, have expanded the ways Agronoticias followers access and view the website. Bi-monthly newsletters are published in English and Spanish (click here to subscribe to the newsletter) every two weeks, offering the most relevant current events for that period.

In the new website (June 2017), Agronoticias now distinguishes between external news stories (In the media) and original content (Magazine). The Magazine includes dedicated sections for Feature stories, Experts in Action and Voices from the Project, providing more comprehensive, in-depth coverage of relevant current events. These sections allow Agronoticias to offer readers a more complete vision of FAO and the World Bank’s work in the region, thereby supporting the development, implementation and assessment of investments in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Classification criteria

Since there is a wide variety of different types of articles published on the website, the classification system includes categories by countries, regions and themes in order to facilitate navigation for users. Click here to read more about Agronoticias’ classification by countries and subregions. To read more about the classification by themes, click here. 

The current team

The current Agronoticias team includes:

  • FAO Investment Centre Head of Service for Latin America and the Caribbean (TCIC): Mohamed Manssouri.
  • Management and Supervision of the Agronoticias Project: Dino Francescutti.
  • Communication and Information Management: Jordi Vaqué.
  • Translation and Information Management: Heather Elizabeth Higle.

Agronoticias also relies on support from FAO’s regional, subegional and national offices in Latin America, in addition to their Communicators Network; the FAO Communication Division (OCC); the FAO Information Technology Division (CIO) and the FAO Technical Departments.

Furthermore, in order to ensure a current, participatory, complementary approach to other relevant initiatives, the Agronoticias team continuously works to develop a network of contacts and coordinators in the associated countries’ Ministries of Agriculture and other LAC regional institutions.

Former collaborators

FAO Investment Centre Head of Service for Latin America and the Caribbean (TCIC): C. Gregorio; S. Raswant; C. Falconi.

  • Management and Supervision of the Agronoticias Project: María del Mar Polo.
  • Communication and Information Management: D. Díaz; T. Baldassarri.
  • Other specializations: C. Gañan; B. Jordán Vicente, D. Navarro; B. Amado.
  • Graphic design and communication material: K. Flores; C. Giustozzi; Roberto Jiménez.
  • Mobile application design and development: Massimiliano Martino; Giovanni Scarrone.

This section aims to familiarize the reader with the Latin America and the Caribbean region (LAC) and the countries conforming it.

The most relevant countries and territories are classified into 4 main sub-regions: The Caribbean, Mesoamerica, Andean Region and Southern Cone.

Click on each country/territory to access their FAO country profile, providing in-depth content about their economic situation, key sectors or general statistics: